November Updates

November 2014 Update

LGBT HealthLink

  • Scout presented on the LGBT State Report Cards at the CDC branch meeting on Nov.4th
  • The LGBT HealthLink team had an in-person meeting at the CenterLink office in Florida
  • LGBT HealthLink, along with PROMO and Corey Prachniak released the first ever LGBT Healthcare Bill of Rights on Nov. 18th. At launch, over fifty national and regional organizations had signed on as partners for the HBOR. That number is now over 80!
  • The launch of the HBOR was timed to coincide with the beginning of open enrollment in the healthcare exchanges.
  • Scout presented a webinar to NAQC on LGBT questions for MDS (Nov. 18th)
  • Daniella attended the National Partner meeting at CDC
  • Scout gave a webinar to ACS staff about LGBT tobacco and cancer issues (a couple days before) on Nov. 18th
  • LGBT HealthLink shared the Great American Smokeout on social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Scout went to Mississippi, where he held three trainings for the Mississippi and Tennessee quitlines, and another training or MS DOH
  • Our social media this month had an aggregate reach of 55,185 people on Facebook with 2,322 clicks and 1,368 likes, shares and comments. Twitter got 216 retweets, 119 mentions, 55,584 impressions and 194 favorites this month. (Please note: all of these numbers increased from last month!)

November Blogs: (all titles are links)

Corey’s blog on Huffington post: Queers Need a Healthcare Bill of Rights — and It’s Here! (Has 1.3K Likes on Facebook!!!)

November Huffington Post LGBT Wellness Roundups:

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