Healthcare Bill of Rights: new partner resources!

We are happy to announce new resources available for our Healthcare Bill of Rights (HBOR) partner organizations! In addition to the  branded wallet cards,  we have created an important addition: a resource page personalized for each organization! On this page partners will find several important items that they can use to promote the bill of rights, including:

  • Social media links (that can be tweeted or shared on Facebook)
  • Icons to embed on partner websites
  • Wallet-size downloadable version of HBOR (with partners’ logo)
  • Poster-sized version of HBOR with logo
Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.31.18 AM
Example of a partner page!


Partners- Check out your page, download resources, and send out your specialized link via email or social media today! (Interested in becoming a partner? click HERE!)

Not a partner, but want to access and share HBOR resources? WONDERFUL! Get a copy of the bill HERE!

Let’s spread the word about #LGBTHBOR and make sure everyone can stand up for health equality.
And, check out the HCBOR website here:

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