This month is we launched our re-branding; we are now LGBT HealthLink. We are busy getting all materials updated with the re-branding and rebuilding our social media followers. With the efforts of our consultant, Michael Bare, and an investment in advertising to boost our educational posts, we’re happy to report we have the following follower stats: Twitter: 724, Facebook: 2038, LinkedIn: 147.

As the Tips From Former Smokers campaign rolls into its last week on the air, we continue our associated social media push. LGBT HealthLink promoted Tips 26 times across social media (twice on Facebook, and 24 times on twitter, and one conversation with links on LinkedIn).The National LGBT Cancer Network promoted Tips 14 times across social media (twice on Facebook, 12 times on twitter).

Staff spent a week in Atlanta for the CDC Cancer meeting. This was our first chance to meet the fifty state cancer reps. We passed out a flyer to all fifty offering our services to help us integrate LGBT people more successfully into their programming.

Scout spent 2 days with Terry & Denise meeting on strategic planning.

We continue to prepare for our Steering Committee meeting in Las Vegas before the coming ED summit.

There are many projects in development right now with graphic designers and consultants. In the coming month expect to see: new brochure, new quit guide brochure, co-branded Tips posters, new state best practices excerpt.

We are happy to announce we’re working with Better World Advertising to relaunch the Cigarettes are My Greatest Enemy Campaign. Look for posters to be out at end of September.

Jessica Halem, our consultant continues to work with community center Executive Directors to create model wellness policies for adoption.

We scholarshipped three people to go to the LGBT Health Research Conference in Ohio, see our blog for great coverage of the event.


Scout was on Huffington Post live and was able to cover a wide range of topics from community center membership to tobacco to bisexuality, see full piece here:

Tiny repost of the WashPost article:


Cancer Network Subcontract:

  • Staff are busy on logistics for the first convening of the Cancer Best Practices advisory group. The meeting will happen directly prior to the Sept CenterLink Executive Director’s Summit in Las Vegas.
  • Staff are developing a short survey for state departments of health to assess their LGBT cancer programming, to be launched in September.
  • The Cancer Network continues to contact LGBT community centers to get uptake and cobranding of the LGBT Cancer Support Groups and Take Care of That Body (TCTB). We now have 7 centers promoting the Support groups and 8 promoting TCTB.
  • Liz provided technical assistance to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to expand their cancer fact sheets to include LGBT people.
  • Liz authored three pieces this month and was interviewed by several media outlets.


1.    Baldwin Wallace Presenting First LGBTI Health Conference with Class

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6.    The Master’s House: Day 3 At The Conference On LGBTI Health Research

7.    Black Health: Final Thoughts On Conference On LGBTI Health Research

8.    #BWLGBTI Day 2: Perfect Time, Perfect Place

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10. #BWLGBTI Day 3 Part 1: The IOM Report

11. #BWLGBTI Day 3 Part 2: Community-Based Research Is Still Important 

12. Putting The I In LGBTQI

13. Conference Reflections: Challenges In Data Collection

14. Yet Another Life Lost To Smoking

15. Announcing Our New Name – Lgbt Healthlink: The Network For Health Equity

16. Top Goals Of The Tobacco & Cancer Disparity Networks For Coming Year

17. Best And Promising Practices In Cancer In The LGBT Community

18. The Truth Comes Out: More Than A Quarter-Million Youth Who Had Never Smoked A Cigarette Have Used E-Cigarettes

Huffington Post Wellness Roundups for August:

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