We want to know about YOU- Do you have 5 min to take a survey?


Michael G. Bare, MPH
Program Coordinator
National LGBT Cancer Network

Last week the Network for LGBT Health Equity and the National LGBT Cancer Network met at the CenterLink offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  These meetings are especially valuable for us, as the staff of both organizations live in four different states and 5 different cities across the country. The advantage of being so spread out is that we have our feet on the ground in a variety of regions of the country and make multiple local connections. But something different and powerful happens when we are all in the same room for 2 days straight. Our quarterly meeting are our opportunity to check in with each other, formalize new procedures and troubleshoot issues. This is the nature of working remotely!

At this meeting, we focused on improving our strategies for communications and messaging. One of our primary goals is to spread the word about new research, policies and programs that make a difference in the health of LGBT communities. We generated some great ideas for improving our outreach to you, public health officials and LGBT community centers.

To do a better job, we need to learn more about YOU! We created a very short survey (only 4 questions long) that will help us better target our social media to your personal and professional needs. Please take 2 minutes right now and fill it out!

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