Tobacco Control year in review and 2014 sneak peek!

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National Partner’s and Disparity Network’s meeting
Keeping you in the loop!

Hello Network!

Scout and I just returned from the Disparity Networks and National Partner’s meeting in lovely Atlanta. And, as always, we brought you back lots of updates and juicy tidbits!

The Disparity Network meeting started with us meeting the two new networks: The YMCA representing low SES, and (org name?) representing mental health, which is a new disparity population this round.

Check out all of the 2013 -2017 CDC disparity Networks: (click the logo to check out their website)

Welcome aboard everyone!















Tim McFee, the Director of the Office of Smoking and Health, started the National Partner’s meeting off with a look back over the past year of tobacco-control…


Here are some notable findings:

1. Disturbing trends in the use of electronic cigarettes, hookahs and cigars among middle and High school students

So…What does this mean? We need more monitoring/prevention around non-conventional tobacco products.

2. More than half of all states have comprehensive smoke-free laws!

3. Good progress in increasing clean indoor air coverage…Second hand smoke work at the state level has slowed, BUT it has increased at the local level!

4. Ongoing fight for tobacco control funding:

         -12 states increased their tobacco funding this year!

        – BUT, there was also defunding in a few states (WA went to $0)

5. Lots of activity and concerns about e-cigs (more on this soon!)



– The 50th anniversary of the surgeon general’s report!!!

– Release date is early January 2014, so stay tuned!

– Updated Tobacco Control Best Practices

– Three exciting new media campaigns:

  1. Next Phase of CDC’s TIPS
  2. FDA Youth Campaign
  3. Next phase of Legacy’s TRUTH campaign

One thought on “Tobacco Control year in review and 2014 sneak peek!

  1. Hi folks, Check out the report below especially in relation to youth.  Please be thinking of innovative strategies we can discuss related to the work we are doing for youth.

    On the local level, here’s an article attached  that appeared today regarding the proposed ban on sales of e-cigs to minors in SF.

    See you Monday…. Doug

        May We Give Thanks Every Day

    For the Journey of a Lifetime…..EarthWalks Exploring healing traditions throughout the American Southwest and Mexico

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