ACTION ALERT: LAST DAY to give input to NIH on LGBTI health! (it’ll only take 5 min)

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Action Alert! 
Send input to NIH- 
Last day! 
NIH – the agency that controls $40B in health research funds has launched an unprecedented call for input on LGBTI health priorities.

If you haven’t yet given input, today is the very last day to do so. And we know, the more of us they hear from, the more they realize this is an important priority to address. 

To make it easy for you, we’ve attached sample input (see below) … at the very least, we urge you to please submit the attached input from your organization — this is the equivalent of co-signing the input we’re putting in.

If you want to, feel free to customize it and submit!

This will only take 5 minutes max, simply:
1. go to this website,
2. put your name, organization, and skip the fields then
3. upload the input we’ve given you, or your own modified version of same.

Deadline – midnight tonight!
Here is the sample comments template: NIH Comments Template

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