Seeking HIV+ gay men who are ex-smokers to Appear in an Ad Campaign About Smoking




The Network for LGBT Health Equity 
CDC TIPS Campaign seeking HIV+ former smokers to share their stories



The TIPS from Former Smokers campaign is seeking the next round of real people to appear in their ads! And, they’re specifically seeking HIV+ gay men who are ex-smokers whose heath has been made worse by cigarettes.

This is an extremely important addition to the campaign because of the increased risks of smoking with HIV, and the high numbers of HIV+ people who smoke and may not know the health impact that it is having on their already potentially compromised immune systems.

Smokers with HIV:

  • Are at higher risk than non-smokers with HIV of developing lung cancer, head and neck cancers, cervical and anal cancers, and other cancers;
  • Are more likely than non-smokers with HIV to develop bacterial pneumonia, Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP), COPD, and heart disease;
  • Are more likely than non-smokers with HIV to develop two conditions that affect the mouth: oral candidiasis (thrush) and oral hairy leukoplakia; and
  • Have a poorer response to antiretroviral therapy.

(for more information, click HERE)

The last round of TIPS included an ad featuring Ellie, a lesbian, who got asthma from second-hand smoke at her place of work. We are so glad that the CDC is including LGBT and HIV+ communities in this national campaign!

Interested? Know someone who may be interested? Check out the qualification requirements, print the flyer, and spread the word!

We are looking for HIV+ gay men ages 25 to 50 who are ex-smokers

Must have experienced a heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease,
COPD, lung or throat cancer while a smoker

We are looking for gay men of all backgrounds willing to share their stories about how smoking has changed their lives.

In order to qualify for this project, you must be:

  • An ex-smoker and have quit smoking at least 6 months ago.
  • Willing to have your doctor sign a legal statement verifying that smoking worsened or contributed
    to your health condition.
  • Able to travel for filming.
  • Willing to submit to a background check.

Pays $2,500 + travel expenses if selected

Please respond as soon as possible but no later than October 30, 2013:

Email: Toll free: (855) 332-7277


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