Today is International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia

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Wishing you a happy International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia!

International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia

Today, May 17th, commemorates the day in 1990 that the  World Health Organization (WHO) removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. In the 23 years since then, the LGBT community has come a long way, but many still face a variety of disparities- including equal access to health care.


Just do a quick google search on “LGBT STIGMA AND HEALTH” and you will see the countless articles and studies on the negative health effects of stigma and discrimination on LGBT populations.

On this day (and, why not? on ALL days!) let’s remember that everything is connected:

“We must understand health disparities within the context of people’s lives because their lived experiences, both positive and negative, ultimately shape their health and wellbeing. A true justice-based health approach understands these intersections and finds solutions to health problems outside of the healthcare arena as well as within it.”

– Miriam Perez, How Discrimination Leads to Health Disparities in the Transgender Community

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CDC study finds that due to discrimination (and the stress it causes), LGBT teens are more likely to engage in risky behavior, therefore increasing their health risks.

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