Got LGBT policy initiatives? Missouri does… New Blog Series “Show Me MO”


Gustavo Torrez
Program Manager
The Network for LGBT Health Equity

As you may know from my previous blog LGBT HEALTH POLICY CHANGES COMING TO MISSOURI Scout and I have been providing technical assistance to two amazing groups in MO funded by the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH). The Project is solely focused on LGBT health policy change initiatives, which is huge. We are really excited this project will be able to develop state-level policy change models that we can replicate across the country. The Missouri Foundation for Health is truly a pioneer not only in providing funding for such an initiative but having long standing history in ensuring LGBT communities are served in the state. Both SAGE and PROMO have been focusing on innovative policy change initiatives poised to have lasting impact in the state, with long-term implications aiding in changing social norms for local LGBT people in MO.

In an effort to highlight some of the amazing work going on in MO, we will be launching a series blogs written by the project leads at both SAGE and PROMO. The goal of the series is to highlight notable policy advancements, project successes, and process pieces leading to sustainable policy changes in the state. I would like to take a moment to introduce our two new guest bloggers, Tracy McCreery and Sherrill Wayland. We have established a new category on the blog (Show Me MO) to highlight and follow these posts. Make sure you check back often to follow the drama of building real-world state level health policy change.

Tracy McCreery, Public Policy Manager at PROMO
Tracy McCreery, Public Policy Manager at PROMO
Sherrill Wayland, Executive Director of SAGE
Sherrill Wayland, Executive Director of SAGE

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