With health insurance domestic partners in the Capital

Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, will be the first  to have a health insurance that will include domestic partners.

The directive, issued on January 17 and announced Sunday by Cruz Soto states that the health plan that is negotiated by the Municipality of San Juan should consider as beneficiary the partner of any employee under a domestic union, and dependents that may arise as a result of that relationship. Two newly hired employees in the Municipality of San Juan will be the first to benefit from the executive order issued by Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto aimed to include domestic partners in the health coverage offered to employees of the Capital .

The administration of the municipality and the health insurer Triple S, held a meeting-orientation  attended by both couples, one heterosexual and one homosexual, with success.

Yulin, who took office in the town this month, had many questions in the wake of this ordinance, to which she answered “I’m not here as mayor to judge, but to help”

We commend the mayor for this great step to social justice and equal rights!

On another note: Carmen Yulin also announced that November 13 will be declared as the “Day for awareness against hate crimes.” She explained that she chose that date because it coincides with the murder, in 2009, of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado. A 19 years old teen who died decapitated, dismembered, and burned. The police investigator suggested that he deserved what he got because of the “type of lifestyle” he was leading.

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Published by Margie Alvarez

Margie Álvarez, M.I.S.T. Computer and telecommunications Specialist University of Puerto Rico, Cayey Campus.

One thought on “With health insurance domestic partners in the Capital

  1. Actually the governor just extended same partner benefits to all employees of the Puerto Rican government!!!!

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