The Power Behind Creating Change

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  Trevoi Crump
  Guest Blogger 
  The Power Behind Creating Change
 Two words Creating Change … was truly a GREAT experience. This was my first time attending Creating Change, and I must say I was completely blown away. When I first began hearing about the conference, I was a little skeptical about it. I mean, this would be my first time attending something on this capacity. However, days leading up to the conference I became overwhelemed with excitement, it hit me that I was about to partake in something great; not to mention the conference falls around my 20th birthday. Once I arrived at Creating Change it was definitely a lot to take in, so many people, so many exhibitors, and so many sessions to attend; and I couldn’t think of what to do first. I attended the Campus Pride workshop, and I definitely learned a lot. It was really good to hear about how other campuses are including  African-American students in their organizations/ and or activities, this workshop was informative and very descriptive, it’s almost like we viewed the gay lifestyle from every perspective. But it was also intresting to learn how to bridge the gap between those in the LGBT and Heterosexual community. 

It feels great to be here, being in the same room with other activist, leaders and many other LGBT figures is AMAZING!! I am most enthused about seeing so many youth, if I don’t appreciate anything else I appreciate youth who believe in fighting for their rights! I’m excited about seeing what other organizations are doing nationally, as well as locally. Out of all the events I attended tonight, I really enjoyed the Opening Plenary. It was GREAT seeing so many LGBTQ people in the same room, but not just we’re getting along! If we keep at this rate the fight for equality will be a smooth one, not easy, but smooth. Learning to work amongst each other is the first step of many, and I look forward to working with the future activist, leaders and many other authoritive LGBT figures present this weekend.

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