Great blog form Joshua Gale – Young Leaders Society, National Youth Pride Services and guest blogger for the Network for LGBT Health Equity

National Youth Pride Services

To begin with I feel honored and thankful for the opportunity of being able to go to such a historical event. The reason why I want to go to Creating Change 2013 is because I felt as if I would learn other tactics and problem solving strategies to help the LGBT community. This is an opportunity of a life time that shouldn’t be taken for granted and is going to be a learning experience to remember. One thing I’m hoping to gain from this conference is, not only vital information that can help for the future, but also lifelong friendships with the rest of my fellow LGBT members. All in all I’m excited and ready to start this adventurous conference.

What are some things you are looking forward to at Creating Change?

As I look at the numerous events and workshops it is clear to see that I will not…

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