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Did you notice — last week was biggest week for LGBT/tobacco media ever?


Scout, Ph.D.
Director, The Fenway Institute’s Network for LGBT Health Equity

Huge thanks to American Legacy Foundation for all the work they did to push out all their LGBT spotlight pieces and the event last week… but in case folk didn’t happen to notice (full details coming soon) last week was memorable in LGBT tobacco history for having more LGBT media articles on tobacco than I’ve ever seen … maybe than I’ve ever seen in all my years put together no less!

We’re monitoring the media and will give you the full roster, but time to ask, did your local media do an article on the new Legacy video yet? Or on Bil Browning’s brazenly honest disclosure about his cessation effort and the cruel twist since he started to quit? (in case you don’t know, he is the main editor of the #3 LGBT news blog nationally, we danced with joy when he said he’d be public about his cessation efforts) If not, might be time to hit them, there’s hot stuff here, and lots of media are putting out stories on this.

Remember not too long ago when Naphtali, Ruth, and the others at UCSF analyzed LGBT media and found the references to tobacco were overwhelmingly positive or neutral imagery? Well… last week might be a watershed moment in that historical narrative — so watch out world!

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