New Online Resource: LGBT Wellness Needs Assessment

In exciting news: The Network is currently finalizing an online LGBT Wellness Needs Assessment tool. The survey will be nationally applicable, permanently housed on our Zoomerang account, and will be easy and free to access for interested state-level, community-level, and grassroots-level organizations. We have been working closely with a group of stakeholders to create what we are sure will be hugely useful and usable!

Stay tuned!!!

Would you like to receive a copy of the Needs Assessment (either via email or snail mail) as soon as it’s completed?! Fill out the form and we will send it over as soon as it’s ready!

One thought on “New Online Resource: LGBT Wellness Needs Assessment

  1. i am trans and what can you do if all your docotrs die and you have no original records.for trinidad colorado or for dr kasdon at boston university and goldwyn in brookline? followup and continuance is hard enuff with out records bias descrimination and primarys are impossible to get your daily and monthly lifetime scripts…any ideas?

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