Today is the Great American Smokeout 2012!

The Network for LGBT Health Equity
Wishing you a fabulously smoke FREE day 🙂

Hello lovely Network!

The Great American Smokeout, which originated in Massachusetts (which is, coincidentally, where the Network is based) in the 1970’s, is an annual awareness event designed to  change attitudes around smoking, inspire policy and programming around smoke free communities, and educate people about the dangers of smoking.

And whats the angle? NOT SMOKING FOR ONE DAY.

The hope is that this one day creates a space where people can learn about the consequences of smoking on their health and the health of those around them, the targeting of disparity populations by the tobacco industry, and the benefits of living a tobacco free life.

Since the Great American Smokeout was created, attitudes around smoking have drastically changed, but unfortunately, smoking is STILL the leading cause of preventable death in the US.

Today, The American Cancer Society spearheads this day with events all over the country and widespread media campaigns. Read more about it HERE!

So take this day to think about quitting, or to encourage someone you love to quit. Because thinking about it is the first step, and who knows? Maybe one day will turn into two, and two days will turn into a week and before you know it, you’ll have quit for good!

Here’s wishing you not only a healthier and happier smoke-free DAY, but a healthier and happier smoke-free LIFE 🙂


The Network for LGBT Health Equity

(Scout, Gustavo, and Daniella)

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