July & August Monthly Updates From The Network

Our last fiscal year with our current 5 year cooperative agreement started July 1st and rest assured, the coming year will be full of new products, learning opportunities, and expanded focuses that will continue to transform the LGBT health and tobacco control movement.

With that being said, On August 14 the Network released MPOWERED: Best and Promising Practices for LGBT Tobacco Prevention and Control at our Summit in Kansas City. MPOWERED is a community-driven document unlike anything else in our community; one that we hope will raise the bar for the development of future best practice documents. Created by a committee of eight Network staff and Steering Committee members who worked to solicit best and promising practices, suggested additions, and revisions from the Networks constituent base for about a year we are please to say this is a community document through and through. Click here and a copy will automatically be downloaded into your download folder.

The 8th National LGBT Health Equity Summit, which was a resounding success, was held on August 14th in Kansas City and had 120 leaders from across the country in attendance. With generous support from our sponsors; American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, Legacy, and many more, we were able to support travel for over 20 youth/young adult, and community leaders from across the country who otherwise would not have been able to attend, including six blogging scholarships. To see all of the amazing blogs from the summit, click here, and be sure to comment, and share as appropriate. Click here to see photos from the Summit and the Evening Event: Beyond Fabulous planned and sponsored by Rescue Social Change Group.

A highlight of the summit was the Youth Track, which was designed by the Youth Planning Committee, and provided a space for the nearly thirty youth present to come together and create a sustainable and inspiring new direction for youth and young adults in the Network and the health equity movement. Click here to see their closing remarks at the summit which gained a standing ovation from the crowd.

The night before the summit the Network convened its Steering Committee to have a meeting as we plan for the future at this pivotal time. All Steering Committee members but one were able to be in attendance, as we discussed the strategic plan. Majority of the discussion was  centered around the MPOWERED document and the future dissemination plan, which was enthusiastically received.

Immediately following the summit the Network staff (along with two blogging scholars) attended the National Conference on Tobacco or Health. Staff and Steering Committee members had a hand in planning and presenting at three sessions, as well as one conference plenary focused on disparity populations. Additionally, the theme of disparities in tobacco control at the conference created a lot of interest in the Network and the new MPOWERED document.

Earlier in July, Dr. Scout attended a meeting at NIH about being out in the workplace. During this meeting, the Deputy Director of NIH, Dr. Tabak, expressed upcoming opportunities at NIH for advancing LGBT health Research. To view the full video and blog click here.

The Network had two very visible op-eds over the past month and a half written by Dr. Scout. The first Op-ed: The Real Verdict? We Want to Be Healthier, about the Affordable Care Act, was written up in the Advocate. The second, Want to Supercharge Our LGBT Inclusion? Call the NAACP, in the Huffington Post, was the result of a fortuitous conference connect we had with the head of NAACP at Netroots Nation earlier this year. With the help of the Center for American Progress, as well as the NAACP, a letter was delivered in late June across HHS with thirty-three signors, including some of the biggest civil rights groups of our era, supporting not only the formal expansion of the definition of health disparities to include LGBT People, but also a range of other related requests that come from the Institute of Medicine LGBT report, and resulting in a milestone for LGBT Health. Both op-eds are exceptional reads and showcase not only the true nature of collaboration, but the successes that come from these partnerships. Please take a moment and click the titles above to read each article.

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