Using Technology for Human Rights

Sarah J. Jackson

Guest Blogger

Reporting from Netroots Nation in Providence, RI

“Safeguarding Democracy: Innovations in Technology and Human Rights” was one of the most inspiring panels I attended at Netroots Nation this year. The panelists, who represent a range of human rights organizations addressing human rights issues from Mexico to the Congo, and from Syria to right here in the U.S., shared practical ways technology, like crowd mapping, witness video, text, and other digital technology can be used to empower people who might otherwise be voiceless. Much of the technological innovations being used by these organizations can be used by any group or movement seeking to tell people’s first hand stories and create effective and persuasive communication.

Check out the video on sexual violence in Haiti produced by Digital Democracy, one of the groups represented on the panel, below. If you’re interested in creating photo and video for human rights you can request a free copy of  their Project Einstein Curriculum here.

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I'm a scholar of communication studying race, gender, media, and social movements.

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