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Diving into Netroots Nation on the Heels of Philly Trans Health


blogger and queer health enthusiast

Netroots Nation, Providence, Rhode Island



Hay Network Hay,

Hope all is well with you. I am at Netroots Nation with many thanks to The Network for LGBT Health Equity for helping get me here. It was THEIR idea to nominate me for a scholarship through the DFA and to support me in getting here, and I am so grateful for this experience. In the shuttle to the hotel last night everyone was a buzz and coming here because “everyone you meet is so amazing” and “you learn so much about different ways of being in media.” So excited about those things!

I am also coming here on the heels of the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference and I feel so whole knowing that I will have gotten to experience both of these conferences this week. I am so passionate about transgender and queer health, and the Trans Health Conference showed me a space that really validates transgender health unlike really any other I have see…EVER. There were so many people there hungry for information and knowledge, because there is so little, and one of the best parts for me as a public health practitioner is that there were many people offering information and best practices. Coupling these two conferences together is my dreamland because I also know that one way to gain visibility and to influence people is through media.

I am super excited to tell you more about what I learn about health communication, media, grassroots campaigns and so much more.

With energy,


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