We’ll be having a blogtastic time!

The Network for LGBT Health Equity
Bloggin’ it up

The Network is super pleased to announce our two fabulous scholarship recipients and guest bloggers who will be attending Netroots Nation 2012 with us in Providence, RI!


Sarah J. Jackson is a Postdoctoral Teaching Associate at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. Her work focuses on how issues of social identity and social justice are covered by mass media. Follow her on Twitter at @sjjphd.



e. shor identifies as a sassy, genderqueer, immigrant jew. e.shor is a student of the world, an advocate and organizer of LGBTQ health initiatives, and lover of canoes. They believe that humor and genuine communication is the best way to build healthy, vibrant communities. Their dream work is to empower and educate LGBTQ communities about public health issues in our communities.


We are so stoked to get to hang out with these two fierce, activist bloggers at Netroots Nation! Be sure to check back here frequently, because they will be bloggin’ it UP!

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