Connecticut and Arkansas… Expanding services to be more culturally competent

Gustavo Torrez, Program Manager
The Network for LGBT Health Equity 
On the road again… Welcome to Arkansas 
 On Monday I was on the road to Connecticut where I conducted Cultural Competency Training for the Connecticut Department of Health yesterday and today, I just arrived in Little Rock, and drove to Pine Bluff where I will be conducting a training on Reaching Community Through Online and Social Media Platforms tomorrow. As you may or may not know the Network conducts some amazing trainings from cultural competency, to coalition building, and even on social medial strategies for your work. Honestly the list goes on. As you may or may not know if you are interested in us speaking or training at your event most commonly we conduct the trainings free of charge all requesting agencies have to pay for our travel. One or our most requested trainings is our Cultural Competency Training. This valuable resource has been offered across the country, and continues to make a huge impact with states and programs looking to increase awareness, and providing training for staff on how to be more cultural competent, identifying both personal and organization strategies to effectively become more inclusive of the LGBT Population.

Below I have outlined this interactive workshop presentation for folks that might be interested.

  • Intro to the Network for LGBT Health Equity
  • LGBT Cultural Competency 101
  • LGBT Health Disparities
  • Reaching LGBTs – Part 1: LGBTs in my state, community access points & structures
  • Reaching LGBTs – Part 2: Local Community Perspective
  • Serving LGBTs – Part 1: State Best Practices
  • Serving LGBTs – Part 2: Enhancing LGBT access for your agency & Strategies for your work

This is the same training conducted in Arkansas a while back. So with the training that will be conducted tomorrow, Reaching Community Through Online and Social Media Platforms, I will be addressing strategies to increase your work utilizing social media platforms showcasing some of the networks sites and providing a baseline understanding for the top social media platforms the network utilized.  One of which is our blog. For those of you who are not on the social medial train, I encourage you to watch this video, as it is one we show before all of your training regarding social medial to really set the tone on the importance of this work.

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