There is still time to Vote e.shor!!

Hay Network Community Hay,

e.shor here. e.shor queer. Last week Gustavo posted a wonderful entry about voting for me to become a scholarship reciepent for this year’s Netroots Nation conference! What an honor and opportunity…I am so grateful for the nomination and for you support. I currently have 208 wonderful people who have shown support, and I need your help still. Please check out the support page HERE and cast your vote (for me preferably)!

LGBTQ health is my game and I’m in it to win it…for our communities and for our collective future. For me that means being an advocate for LGBTQ health issues in as many ways as I possibly can. One way has been through the awesome work of SHIFT Minnesota, a young adult tobacco-control campaign, that focuses on education, policy development and social media. But really, SHIFT is about changing social norms in our communities about tobacco and that is what public health is about too, which is why I am so excited to be a Hott Panda! Hott Pandas is an informal campaign to get people thinking about being queer and trans in exercise spaces and some of the barriers that people in our communities might face when it comes to working out. Hott Pandas is also about creating community and safe space around exercise…let’s do it together and bring all the glitter we possibly can.

Anyway, thanks for reading and for voting and for doing the work you are doing. I appreciate knowing that we have spaces like these to write and learn from each other…for me that’s what community health is about.

Take care,


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