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By Gustavo Torrez
Program Manager
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Hello Everyone,

With your help we can vote e.shor into the top three to win a scholarship to attend Netroots Nation, the premier conference dedicated to providing bloggers, progressive activists and candidates a forum to strengthen the online community and grow the progressive movement.  The Network for LGBT Health Equity Nominated e.shor, program coordinator with Shift: communities free of corporate tobacco in Minnesota as they has done exlempary work not only in MN around tobacco control and health, but is an excellent blogger, who has blogged here for you all from conferences they has attended etc.

Our goal is to get  e.shor in the top three by march 21st and with your help we can make it happen. The great part about having e.shor attend is that they can share all of the great information they learn at the conference here on the blog for you all. If thats not incentive to vote today, I don’t know what is.


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Below you will find the full Scholarship Application:

Name: e.shor
Location: Minneapolis, MN
e.shor :: genderqueer :: panda :: minneapolis :: public health :: LGBTQ health advoCAT :: canoe :: trees :: curls

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A little about me

My energy and love of laughter is the core of my identity as genderqueer, immigrant jew, public health practitioner and community organizer. I plan to move through the world laughing and chatting and blogging and trying to find meaningful ways of improving LGBTQ health. I also love writing, looking at trees, and being near water! I like knowing people…I’d like to know you and what makes you motivated to be you.

I would describe myself as a

grassroots activist

Why I deserve a Netroots Nation Scholarship

My goal in my career is to know my communities and find significant ways of improving health in LGBTQ communities, immigrant communities, communities of color, fat communities, and other marginalized communities. One of the most efficient and new ways of reaching diverse communities is through online communication and networking, and I would be so privileged to network, learn and grow in the Netroots Nation community as a Netroos Nation Scholar. I believe in the power of online organizing, blogging, and community building and would absolutely love to be a Netroots Nation Scholar.

I manage these blogs

Hott Pandas: Queers for Rainbow Fitness
Queerz 4 Access

The blogs I use most are

The Network for LGBT Health Equity

What first inspired me to get involved

Queer folks talk a lot about their issues…I wanted to write about it so that queer folks could see that others are dealing with the same health issues, barriers to health, and other social stigma issues. In my community, visibility and having a voice is so important. I want to share my voice and create visibility for LGBTQ health issues in order to create understanding of some of things our communities are dealing with in regards to health.

How I’ve gotten others involved

Currently, I am involved in a LGBTQ fitness blog initiative called HOTT PANDAS: Queers for Rainbow Fitness. The idea behind this blog is share experiences and barriers that LGBTQ people have when trying to engage in exercise, and it is also about getting community members to engage in exercise together. Hott Pandas are creating space on the blog for ideas and creating physical spaces for people to exercise and feel safe.

The diary I am most proud of


More about my volunteer work

Most of my work is community work in the LGBTQ community: working with the Trans Youth Support Network, doing research for the MN Transgender Health Coalition, and doing tobacco-control work with LGBTQ young people.

My Twitter manifesto on online activism

Many minds together lead to much change.

My suggested bumper sticker slogan

genderqueer should not equal genderfear

This scholarship applicant was nominated by Gustavo. Here is what Gustavo had to say about them:

A little bit about the nominee:

e.shor identifies as a sassy, genderqueer, immigrant jew. e.shor is a student of the world, an advocate and organizer of LGBTQ health initiatives, and lover of canoes. They believe that humor and genuine communication is the best way to build healthy, vibrant communities. Their dream work is to empower and educate LGBTQ communities about public health issues in our communities. e.shor’s is passionate, dedicated and exuberant and an all around amazing human being.

Tell us why your nominee deserves a Netroots Nation Scholarship:

e.shor’s heart is in community. Both their community in Minneapolis and the greater LGBTQ communities are their priorities in their work, their career in public health and as an online advocate. Netroots Nation is the perfect opportunity for them to develop their online advocacy skills, network and learn where they fit into the greater progressive online movement and then share the knowledge base back to the larger lgbt community through their own blog, and The Network for LGBT Health Equity Blog. e.shor has been doing amazing work and organizing youth and teaching them how to blog on the Networks blog around major tobacco control events. Smoking in the LGBT community is 35 – 200% higher than the general community and their work is making a difference locally, and nationally.

How has the nominee inspired others to get involved?

Currently, e.shor is involved in a LGBTQ fitness blog initiative called HOTT PANDAS:Queers for Rainbow Fitness (http://hottpandas.blogspot.com). The idea behind this blog is to share experiences and barriers that LGBTQ people have when trying to engage in exercise, and it is also about getting community members to engage in exercise together. Hott Pandas are creating space on the blog for ideas and creating physical spaces for people to exercise and feel safe. Hopefully this will inspire people towards better health outcomes! In addition, e.shor is an author on the Networks blog (https://lgbthealthlink.wordpress.com/author/eshorpanda/) and has contributed a lot of great content around the work being done in Minneapolis. Not only that, e.shor is building the next generations youth in the social justice movement, and opening their eyes to the blog world. e.shor brought forth a proposal to the Network to utilize our blog to allow young people in MN a national platform to showcase their poems and prose on the day of the Great American Smoke Out. This brought so much joy not only to the network base but for the youth involved. e.shor is dedicated to building our younger generations to be more involved in blogging. (https://lgbthealthlink.wordpress.com/author/eshorpanda/)

Additional information from Gustavo:

Overall, e.shor has been actively engaging and contributing to The Network for LGBT Health Equity’s blog! they are committed to engaging in LGBTQ health issues and try to take time learn and listen before posting to the public. e.shor is a valuable asset and an up in coming blogger to watch out for.

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