ACTION ALERT**PLEASE** email FDA now and ask for consistent LGBT inclusion.


Please email: and say – “Please create minimal dataset that includes measures for all vulnerable populations, including LGBT people, across ALL your funded research. Please make sure coming Centers of Excellence include a vulnerable population focus that also includes LGBT people.”

The backstory:

  • Many of you know I’m at the FDA meeting today and we’re hearing about buckets of tobacco research work unfolding via their hands.
  • Happy to say we’ve got one WIN – They confirmed that LGB (not yet T) data will now be collected on their new tobacco megastudy!
  • BUT — they are rolling out research all over the place, including new Tobacco Centers of Excellence, LGBT could be masked in all that work!

Can you please take just a few seconds and email them asking to please consistently include LGBT and all their target vulnerable population data collection in all of their funded research projects, including those new tobacco centers of excellence!

Again: – say something like “Please ensure all your funded research collects LGBT data and that the coming Centers for Excellence include research on LGBT tobacco disparities.”

Please, we know these make a difference!

Or just enter your information and comments below and they will automatically be sent to

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