Will tax increase on tobacco deter smokers?

By Hector Martinez
Network Blogger
Cigarette Tax Increase 

I attended a meeting where proponents of a tax increase on tobacco showcased the importance of tobacco control. If  California Proposition 29, the Tobacco Tax for Cancer Research Act is approved by voter, it will increase the tobacco tax by a $1.00 here in CA. The tax is meant to save lives and prevent teen smoking. In general, I would say that a tax increase would deter smokers and research supports that. Some proven tobacco control efforts have been in the area of prevention, cessation and enforcement. A friend of mine mentioned that he successfully used hypnosis to quit smoking. Another great idea might be breaking down the social view of smoking. When I talk to my friends about smoking, there is a perception that lighting a cigarette is cool. Changing our societal perception of smoking might take some time and effort but it is certainly possible.

Millions of dollars are spent on the consequences of smoking such as cancer research, hospitalizations, needless premature deaths, etc. If we were to spend more money on prevention, imagine what the world would look like. It seems to me that a combination of prevention, cessation and public perception efforts are the least expensive and most effective use of our money.

I would love to hear your opinion!

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I am an Instructor at a community based non-profit and I am passionate about acroyoga, literature and running. I recently turned 40 years of age and want to share my journey through medical school and ultimately serving with Doctors Without Borders.

One thought on “Will tax increase on tobacco deter smokers?

  1. Increasing the cost of tobacco has been proven to deter smokers…especially the young smokers who are the prime target market of “big tobacco”. Tobacco deaths out number HIV, breast cancer, and cardiac deaths combined in the LGBTQ community. I practice in addiction medicine and I see people horrifically ill from co-morbidities such as HIV and COPD in detox trying to beat alcohol, heroin, crystal run like (and to) the devil for every smoke break there is. It is amazing to see people standing out in the snow, cold, and rain to light up while barely able to breath and sick as all get out from detoxing from booze and drugs….we must take on tobacco addiction and help those suffering. We don’t turn our back on meth or heroin addicts or alcoholics but lethal tobacco gets a free pass. I actually had a patient sign out AMA (against medical advice) to have a smoke before coming back into the ER to be placed on a respirator because of her smoking (SERIOUSLY!!!!) This is just insane!

    Richard S. Ferri, PhD, NP, ACRN, FAAN

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