Introduction from Creating Change Scholarship Blogger Hector Martinez

Hector Martinez
Blogging Scholarship Winner
Reporting from Creating Change
January, 2012
Baltimore, MD


Hello friends

I am writing to you from the floor of the first day of the National Conference on LGBT Equality Creating Change in Baltimore! My name is Hector Martinez and I am from San Diego. I am very excited to be blogging for you on behalf of The Network for LGBT Health Equity. My passion is mental and physical health and LGBT equality, so to be a participant in this conference is a real privilege.

It’s funny because as I was sitting on the airplane on the way to Baltimore, I found an article written by Dr. Andrew Weil on the subject of tobacco use. It’s based on his book “Spontaneous Healing” which is about behavioral modifications that allow our bodies to spontaneous heal. In the article he described the effects of tobacco on our breathing. Breathing properly is crucial for allowing our bodies to spontaneously heal. The amazing part is that our bodies want to heal and so no matter how long you have been smoking, if you quit your body will heal itself relatively quickly. I find this to be really good news.

So it’s almost time for lunch. I wanted to quickly introduce myself and say hi. I look forward to posting more about the conference as the days go on. Thank you.

Hector Martinez

Published by adoctorwithoutborders

I am an Instructor at a community based non-profit and I am passionate about acroyoga, literature and running. I recently turned 40 years of age and want to share my journey through medical school and ultimately serving with Doctors Without Borders.

One thought on “Introduction from Creating Change Scholarship Blogger Hector Martinez

  1. I am all about LGBT equality. You are attending the conference there in Baltimore. Good! My name is Curtis Sledge and I am currently organizing the Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights March for the Washington DC area. My focus is Maryland, DC, and Virginia. It would be great to get names and contact info of people attending this conference in efforts for support in this huge event. Help is needed. I will be more than happy to get everyone information in regards to this. The march/rally will be held on April 21, 2012. Thank you.

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