Great American SmokeOUT with SHIFT Minnesota!

Hay Network Hay,

e.shor here on this day called the Great American SmokeOUT!

In case you are looking for a bit more information on the Great American SmokeOut here is a bitty synopsis: “The Great American Smokeout has helped to spotlight the dangers of tobacco use and the challenges of quitting, but more importantly, it has set the stage for the cultural revolution in tobacco control that has occurred over this period [since 1977] (American Cancer Society).”

To address the Great American SmokeOUT, my colleagues and I from SHIFT Minnesota are going to be sharing some of our thoughts with you throughout the day! SHIFT Minnesota is a brand-new, young-adult-run tobacco control campaign in Minneapolis! We know from the many resources like The Network for LGBT Health Equity and The National LGBT Tobacco Control Network (and many others too!) that there is an increased rate of smoking and tobacco consumption in LGBTQ communities, as well as direct targeting from tobacco corporations to get LGBTQ folks to be life-long addicts. So, SHIFT’s mission is:

SHIFT  charge forth to mold healthier LGBTQ communities by severing ties with corporate tobacco…using education, advocacy, and power-punching policy, we fight against the ruthless, manipulative corporate tobacco agenda. 

Hope ya’ll are having a great day!



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