ACTION ALERT! Do you do LGBT Cultural Competency work? Give the gov’t input on how to do it well!

Update 11/3/11: So far we had some great responses on the plan before the Listening Session on 11/1/11. Great news, they will still be accepting comments. If you did not have an opportunity to respond please do so. We will keep you posted on when they actually close, but act now.

Background From HRSA:

Last April, Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a list of recommendations stating how HHS could work to improve the health and wellbeing of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.  Included in those recommendations, the Secretary stated that “HHS’ Health Resources and Services Administration will also convene professional groups that represent LGBT health providers and students to identify challenges and opportunities for training LGBT providers and to isolate strategies geared toward increasing culturally competent care for LGBT patients.”

Where we all come in…

As most of you know we’ve done cultural competency trainings all over the country, and certainly learned a few hard lessons in that work, but the power of us is really the power of what we all know.

Tomorrow, HHS is asking LGBT experts to come to DC to provide them information on how to do a better job at LGBT Cultural Competency, in particular they’d like input on the questions below. So, help, let’s harness some of our bigger energy, what are your thoughts on these questions? Seriously, speak up, speak out, let’s take it to the state and local level and get the real info on what’s going on with LGBT cult competency on the ground.

  • What are the training challenges and opportunities for LGBT providers?
  • What strategies would be helpful to increase culturally competent care for LGBT patients?
  • How/what levers can be used to advance cultural competency through health professions training?  (inclusive of behavioral health)
  • How can HHS use its health professions grants to encourage inclusion of cultural competency materials?

To submit your input you can email us at or just use the form below:

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