Hello Daniella! Introducing the Network’s Newest Team Member

It gives me great pleasure to announce the newest addition to our team, Daniella Matthews-Trigg. As she would say “Born to two public health parents in the enchanted state of New Mexico, my fate as a health nerd was sealed from the beginning.” 

Daniella studied Anthropology and Sociology at Mills College in Oakland, CA, where she also co-founded the Women’s Health Resource Center and was enthusiastically indoctrinated by feminist and queer rhetoric.

Back and forth between Albuquerque and Oakland, she trained as a peer sexual health educator at UC Berkeley and taught health classes with Peer Health Exchange in Oakland Public Schools. She worked with the New Mexico Department of Health Tuberculosis Clinic and in the Family Planning Department as well as interning with the California Department of Health STD Control Branch. Her commitment to LGBT health access and equity was solidified while volunteering at Lyon-Martin Health Services in San Francisco.

As a newbie to Boston, she loves to explore the city. More importantly she loves to spend quality time with her immersion blender, making “the best hummus you’ve ever had”. She’s also pretty good at making pizza dough from what I hear, and is a champion thrift shopper.

We are pleased to welcome her to the team… Feel free to send your own welcome comments to Daniella using the form below or by emailing her at dmatthews-trigg@fenwayhealth.org

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