Policy Statements: Years of Addressing Gaps

Gustavo Torrez, Program Manager
The Network for LGBT Health Equity

For five years now we’ve been charged with pointing out gaps and best practices in the LGBT tobacco arena. Since aspects of the LGBT tobacco disparity overlap almost every health issue, funding, cultural competency, research, and of course data, this means we’ve been monitoring gaps in a wide range of areas. As more of all of our work has shifted to the policy level changes, we’ve increasingly focused on assisting in developing stronger policy responses to help advance our field. Well, we think it’s time to review some of the range of policy change documents we’ve created to make sure you have them at your fingertips to use locally. (Especially since our old resource library makes them a bit hard to find! Don’t worry the new one is almost finished.)

As a grassroots network a large amount of our documents are created by and then reviewed by the Network base. Frankly, we’d like to think we’ve got good foresight and dreamed up the idea of most of these the the truth is very different. Almost all of these documents were created because you, or some state, or federal official asked for them. So, if you need something, do like Bill Snook from Missouri just did, call us and ask if we have it, or if we can make it!

Policy Papers, Best and Promising Practices Documents:

Policy Comments/Testimony (list still in formation):

Other Documents:

We know we’ve missed a few, we’ll work hard to add them in the coming days.

*As you may notice some of our documents are on our old branding template and we will start to update and rebrand many of these valuable resources for you all if they are not already.

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