A Social Media Fad or Revolution


Just wanted to share this video with you all, its one of many that really prove the case for the use of Social Media. Currently, I am in South Lake Tahoe at the Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Clearing the AIr, Policy Advocacy Institute. I will be speaking today sharing resources on the use of social media for online organizing. The great part about resources like bit.ly, WordPress, Twitter, Facebok and HootSuite is that you can measure your campaigns success, generate a buzz, and anticipate opposition before you even walk in the door. Utilizing social medial to change social norms, and gain momentum for your movement is a perfect strategy.  Your opposition may make comments on your work, and you can utilize their negativity and ranting to your benefit . Take what they say and know that this is the direction they could be heading so you might be one step ahead of the opposition. Anyways, that just a little bit for now… more to come soon!


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