How Valuable can Training and Technical Assistance Be For Your Program ?

by Gustavo Torrez

Program Manager


For the past three days I have been in Hartford Connecticut, conducting a training to the Connecticut Department of Health, as well as providing Technical Assistance to their cessation funded programs.

Across the board I think we all can agree that training frontline and program staff in LGBT cultural Competency is a huge added value to your operation. With dwindling funds in tobacco control and health services we all have to find ways to be more creative with our funding as well as ways to have expanded reach with our programs. We have seen that there are less LGBT specific programs, which is disheartening considering the dramatic rates of smoking within our communities. So what do we do about it? One ways is training frontline and program staff on LGBT cultural competency. Having the knowledge to reach and serve the community effectively not only adds to the value of your program but it will also give you that added reach. On the evaluation of the training one participant noted “A general LGBT cultural Competency Training should be Mandatory for all public health workers”. As I read that, I sat back and thought to myself how amazing would that be. If all Public Health staff were trained across the country effectively, I am sure there would be more inclusion or at least it would get more people thinking about the specific needs of our community. Anyways, we hope you all know the Network is a resource to all of you. From Trainings, to Technical Assistance, to Speaking at your next conference we are here for you. Most of the time depending on the request our services are covered under our Scope with the exception of travel related expenses. Give us a call or email us, lets us know how we can assist you.

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