Hale Thompson, Summer Institute Graduate, LGBT Health Researcher & Blogger

by Emilia Dunham

Program Associate

Presenting on the Summer Institute 2011 Student Presentations


I had the joy of observing another batch of presentations from the Summer Institute 2011 students. There were so many fantastic presentations and a great deal of ongoing work in cutting edge areas of LGBT health, it was hard to keep up with! Each student analyzed large LGBT data sets, presenting the data in new ways, and it was truly impressive to see the sophisticated ways in which they analyzed this data. It’s exciting to witness the earlier* stages of what will likely be tremendous careers in LGBT health to follow in the coming decades (*I use earlier loosely as many have ALREADY been doing fantastic LGBT health research and advocacy for many years).

I already highlighted the work of our fabulous member turned Network blogger, Nicole VanKim, and today would like to spotlight the work of another former Network Blogger, Hale Thompson.

Hale hails from Minnesota (excuse the pun) at the University of Minnesota’s PhD program in social epidemiology but is transitioning to University of Illinois Chicago’s Community Health PhD program this year. His research tends toward transgender health within a social ecological framework, methodology, and mobile technology as a health promotion tool.

For his final presentation, Hale presented on his analysis on the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s dataset from the TEACH study – Transgender Women Empowering and Advancing Community Health.  It was fascinating to see the work Hale put together in his short time at the Institute, and again, not to end on cliffhanger, but we look forward to the fantastic work that will come from Hale’s analysis project!

Thank you Hale for all of your contributions to the Network and to LGBT health! And thank you to all of the other students and for the work of the PopCenter and Fenway staff involved in cultivating these impressive researchers. It really feels like this Summer Institute will have a huge impact on health research in our communities.

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