Scholarship Opportunity

Introducing Health Summit Blogging Scholar Emily (e.shor) Shor

by Emilia Dunham

Program Associate


We’re thilled to have Emily Shor who prefers e.shor represent us at the National LGBTI Health Summit in Bloomington Indiana! e.shor will be blogging for us, so follow all posts here throughout the weekend and next week!

e.shor is the Project Coordinator on a Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) grant through Rainbow Health Initiative to work on LGBTQ youth tobacco social media and policy building. This project will focus on preventative tobacco control methods by engaging community in LGBTQI specific media, training and advocacy around tobacco control. They are also working on community policies to reduce tobacco use in community spaces in the LGBTQI community in Minneapolis.

Here’s e.shor’s story:

When I emerged from the womb I had a mop of hair, a cheerful disposition and a healthy appetite. All of these things remain true. Let me extrapolate…My hair remains a part of my identity because it holds the buoyancy of my energy and a story of where my family has come from. My cheerful disposition usually manifests through bike rides where I sing to 80’s hair bands, bobbling around with people I love, and being soft and huggable. My healthy appetite is well-rounded and growing for hand-crafted foods, fruits and vegetables, social justice and anti-racism work, and growing strong queer communities.

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