Want to feel like you have a front seat at Netroots Nation… You can with their live streaming right now…

by Gustavo Torrez

Program Manager, Network for LGBT Health Equity
A project of The Fenway Institute in Boston, MA
Reporting from Netroots Nation, Minneapolis MN
There are many sessions you can enjoy, below you can find out all of the ways you can enjoy the conference from your home/office/on the road where ever you may be.
We’re streaming all of our keynote sessions and several of our panel rooms live each day of the convention. You’ll find these streams on the websites of many of our progressive media partners including Daily Kos. You can also watch on livestream.com and ustream.com—or get the embed codes and host the streams on your own blog.
Free Speech TV is providing live coverage and behind-the-scenes FSTV e-Studio interviews of Netroots Nation 2011 on DIRECTV channel 348, DISH Network channel 9415, on over 175 US cable access affiliates and online at FREESPEECH.ORG. The coverage includes exclusive interviews hosted by Thom Hartmann and Laura Flanders with Netroots Nation panelists, grassroots organizers and keynote speakers.
Our video coverage is made possible by our friends at Five Steps Forward and Free Speech TV.
  • View our keynotes and sessions in panel room L100FG live here.
  • You can see a schedule of all our keynotes here. You can see a schedule of all sessions in panel room L100FG here.
  • View all sessions in panel room M100 FG live here. You can see a schedule of all sessions in this room here.
  • View all sessions in panel room L100 AB live here. You can see a schedule of all sessions in this room here.
  • View all sessions in panel room L100 H live here. You can see a schedule of all sessions in this room here.

Each year Netroots Nation has a strong presence on Twitter. For the last two years the #NN09 and #NN10 hashtags were a trending topic for three days. Many sessions take live feedback from the Twitter stream; speakers often post presentations and video there; and you can generally stay up to date on all the action. Follow Netroots Nation on Twitter and check out the #NN11 hashtag.

You can also gain some great insights on the event and get behind-the-scenes information from Netroots Nation staff. Follow @ravenb @nolan @merickles @melfoley @navi_ganancial@karenkolber @austinadams2k @etinkc and staff photographers @macaby @sterno@venice4change @carlaaxt.

C-SPAN AND OTHER MEDIA COVERAGE C-SPAN will carry several of our keynotes on their stations. You can also find print, radio and TV coverage from numerous state and national outlets before, during and after the convention.
After the convention, you’ll be able to watch archived versions of all the panels and keynote sessions we streamed in our video archive, as well as the interviews that take place in Free Speech TV’s e-studio.

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