Reflecting on a Wonderful Weekend

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger

Presenting on the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

If you haven’t already, I would definitely suggest reading Emilia’s reflections on this weekend.

Mine however, are a bit more constructive. Every time I travel or go to a conference around something Trans, Queer, or Activist. I can’t help but feel a little alone. Typically it’s because so few folks from my physical community are able to get access to conferences or organizations that provide me with funding to go to these conferences.

I do want to acknowledge there were a lot of folks from my physical community there this time with heavy Transwomen of color representation from the sickening girls of Trans Ladies Initiating Sister Hood (T-LISH) and inspiring community organizer Miss Major.

However I can’t help but think of so many younger trans folks who would have benefitted so much just from being able to create such a safe and Trans friendly community.

So I just want to send out a call to the organizers of the conference, leaders of non-profits, and activists, to please let us take a moment to get creative in ways that we can make this much-needed information and spaces accessible to youth who might not be in a non-profit organization or who might not even be out yet.

I also want to acknowledge and thank everyone at the conference for the amazing time, space, energy, and information that is all shared and created because it was a beautiful space and we need more of these.

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Here to centralize a lot of articles, dope ass blogs, and community resources into one lightning rod of a blog and also potentially write some blogs on oppressive behavior and use this a speaker for my own experiences while also helping to push and build a movement of youth empowerment. Especially with an eye towards 2012 and what we as a community want to do to make sure our voices are heard! I also welcome fellow bloggers to blog with me! Let me know if you're interested!

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