Day 3 Session 2 Healthcare for GenderQueer and Gender Non-Conforming Trans Folks

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger

Presenting on the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

It seems since there is a growing GenderQueer and Non-conforming community that will be accessing healthcare and other services soon there is a growing issue of how to help them in the medical field around body modification but also trying to maintain the patients’ best health as possible.

From what I can gather (because I’m not familiar with most health terms) the obstacles appear as folks changing their minds between 20 and 30 around pregnancy, wanting to have a feminization/reproductive organ removal without taking hormones, or even playing with dose and frequency of hormones.

The space is filled with community members, providers, and allies so the discussion is very interesting especially around self-determination and choosing your own medical path, and what providers feel comfortable with.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference for having such an amazing and safe space.

Published by sistahmamaqueen

Here to centralize a lot of articles, dope ass blogs, and community resources into one lightning rod of a blog and also potentially write some blogs on oppressive behavior and use this a speaker for my own experiences while also helping to push and build a movement of youth empowerment. Especially with an eye towards 2012 and what we as a community want to do to make sure our voices are heard! I also welcome fellow bloggers to blog with me! Let me know if you're interested!

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