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Neither Rain, nor Sleet, nor TORNADOES, will Keep Me from the Philly Trans-Health Conference

From (I was to freaked out to take my own picture!)

By Emilia Dunham

Program Associate, Reporting from the Philly Trans-Health Conference

I’m so pleased to be reporting from the Philly Trans-Health Conference. Though I’ve wanted to attend this conference for years, this is the first year I’ve been able to make it. Beyond attending, I’m excited to have a platform with the Network to share information from this conference and its workshops.

Every year I haven’t been able to attend because of school or other commitments and I nearly wouldn’t have made it if I left about 20 minutes later as when driving down I was about one exit away from a tornado that struck down on the highway and littered hail all over our car! For a moment I thought Harold Camping may have been wrong with his Judgement Day date, but it turns out we were fine. That’s another story, but it’s an even greater reason to be happy to be here!

I’m also excited to not be here alone. This is a record-breaking year for participants with 1,800 expected attendees which includes trans people, providers/advocates of trans people and allies. I’m also not alone as I have a fabulous and fierce Lexi Adsit who is our blogging scholar for this conference. She’s a super cool youth from the west coast advocating for a huge number of issues including trans people, people of color and health disparities, specifically tobacco too. You’ll be hearing from her this week as well. Check out her intro post about one entry back for more about her background! Between us I hope you all can get a great perspective on the conference whether or not you are here.

Also I am hoping that you are safe as well!

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