Day 1 Session 3: Trans Pioneers of Color

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest blogger

Presenting on Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Already half the day gone by and we still have 2 more sessions of workshops! This next one to be filled with stories of amazing community members who have been around the block quite a lot and ‘paved the way’ for us younger trans folks.

Some key messages:

  • “I want to be an example of my struggle as a transman of color, how I have survived my struggle and to be a beacon to all of you who are struggling”
  • “We need to get out there and tell our stories, because folks in power will erase us but many of us are still around and runnin’ around tellin’ our stories”
  • “If I impact one person as a Trans person of color, that is what is important to me. Having someone google me and find me is great.”
  • “Don’t carry that baggage from yesterday into the next day, because that gets tiring. You change yourself, you try to adapt. Let it give you the strength to go forward and get out there again”
  • “Being pretty is not what it’s about, they (Sylvia and Marsha) helped me realize there was more to life than getting to the point of passing”
The Panelists included Miss Major, Molik M. Harvey, Jaye Johnson, Alicia Newsom and Bill.

Published by sistahmamaqueen

Here to centralize a lot of articles, dope ass blogs, and community resources into one lightning rod of a blog and also potentially write some blogs on oppressive behavior and use this a speaker for my own experiences while also helping to push and build a movement of youth empowerment. Especially with an eye towards 2012 and what we as a community want to do to make sure our voices are heard! I also welcome fellow bloggers to blog with me! Let me know if you're interested!

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