Day 1 Session 2: GenderQueer Masculinity & Feminity (Caucus)

 By Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger

Presenting on Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

Being in a room with (what looks like) 70 GenderQueer-identified folks can be pretty powerful. Especially when a lot of the genderqueer folks are youth.

I want to give a kudos to the facilitator for being really amazing and handling all of the tough loaded-ness of power dynamics in a workshop around Masculinity and Femininity in GenderQueer identities.

It got really powerful at one point where after we brainstormed definitions of Masculinity and Femininity we were able to get into small groups. The small group I was in discussed Power & Privilege, specifically looking at how our struggles intersected with those outside of the conference and also how some of us dream of a revolution on a unified movement with Trans, GenderQueer, and folks of color.

Published by sistahmamaqueen

Here to centralize a lot of articles, dope ass blogs, and community resources into one lightning rod of a blog and also potentially write some blogs on oppressive behavior and use this a speaker for my own experiences while also helping to push and build a movement of youth empowerment. Especially with an eye towards 2012 and what we as a community want to do to make sure our voices are heard! I also welcome fellow bloggers to blog with me! Let me know if you're interested!

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