Day 1 Session 1: The Movement vs. Me Self-Care

 by Lexi Adsit, Guest Blogger

Presenting on the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference

I’ve had a bit of a background in self-care, being raised as an Activist by a role model who preached and practiced extremely good self-care techniques and habits. (I’m looking at you Kiely!)

Some key points:

  • Utilize self-care because not taking care of your self is like a virus in our movements.
  • Your behavior is very key to recognizing where your self-care is lacking and where you have some strengths.
  • get folks to hold you accountable to your goals!

The facilitators’ model of self-care:

  1. As yourself, “How am I caring for myself physically, emotionally, and relationally RIGHT NOW?” take note of any gaps you discover.
  2. Brainstorm actions or habits to overcome gaps. Choose from the suggestions below or add your own to the list.
  3. Turn those actions or habits into SMART goals. (Specific goal, Metric, attainable, realistic, timeframe)
  4. Now state your goals as commitments to yourself.
  5. Establish a habit of accountability.
The worksheet is available here.

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