State & Cities: New Webinar – 411 on Including LGBT Disparities in CTG Proposals

Scoutby Scout
Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity
A project of The Fenway Institute in Boston, MA

Integrating LGBT Communities in CTG Proposals

Calling all applicants for the coming Community Transformation Grants! Did you happen to notice how many time the Request for Applications asks for information related to local disparity populations? Yes, disparities are a bigger focus in CTGs than was the case in the prior CPPW awards. Have you been watching how the feds have a new emphasis on LGBT folks as one of the routinely addressed disparity populations? Perhaps you caught the new Healthy People 2020 language …

Healthy People 2020 — Overarching Goal: Achieve health equity, eliminate disparities, and improve the health of all groups…

Disparities/inequity to be assessed by:

  • Race/ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Disability status
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender status
  • Geography

Or perhaps you caught how the new HHS Tobacco Action plan identifies LGBT people as a priority disparity population? Or maybe you even noticed the following commitment on the HHS website to include LGBT populations in the new affordable care act prevention funding?

“In addition, the Affordable Care Act is funding preventive efforts for communities, including millions of dollars to use evidence-based interventions to address tobacco control, obesity prevention, HIV-related health disparities, and better nutrition and physical activity. The Department of Health and Human Services intends to work with community centers serving the LGBT community to ensure the deployment of proven prevention strategies.” Excerpt from The Affordable Care Act and LGBT Americans factsheet at

But while we know some of you have excellent and long-standing relationships and collaborations with local LGBT community leadership, many states are still building their expertise in addressing LGBT disparities. And as we know oh so well, it’s hard to find LGBT data you need to include in proposals!

Let us help you! As one of CDC’s six tobacco disparity networks, we’ve got long experience with helping states and cities build bridges with their local LGBT leadership and we’ve got a secret treasure map to all those LGBT data.

Please join the Network for LGBT Health Equity and the Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium for a jointly sponsored webinar on how to include LGBT disparities in your CTG proposals.


What: 411 on Integrating LGBT Disparities Into CTG Proposals

When: June 13th, 1 pm EST, 2011

Where:  Please RSVP online to register and we’ll send you call information the morning of the call. If you have issues registering, please email:

Who should register: Community Transformation Grant applicants, but please register in advance so we know how many people to expect. Click on this link or copy/paste in your webinar browser:


  • Data sources for local LGBT health information
  • Why integrating LGBT partners strengthens your proposal
  • How to identify local LGBT partners
  • Examples of successful LGBT policy advocacy campaigns
  • Models for inclusion in CTG proposals and/or action planning
  • Comments from Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium staff
Questions? Ask them here or email
June 21, 2011 EDIT: We had folks from over 29 states on the call and have sent emails to members of each state connecting with those on the last call and other state experts. We’re about linking people with connections, so if anyone from on or off the call has questions or needs contacts, let us know!
Here are resources from the call:
 Powerpoint Presention: States & Cities: New Webinar – 411 on including LGBT Disparities in CTG Proposals 6/13/2011The call recording: Cities_States CTG Webinar_Jun_13_11

We also have the Presentation and recording from our 6/2/2011 Call:

How to advocate for LGBT inclusion in Community Transformation Grants Webinar 6/2/2011 recording of 6/2/2011 Call: Conf_recorded_on_Jun__2_2011__2-50PM

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