Community Transformation Grant announcement to be released today + stakeholder call!

Today, the Department of Health and Human Services announced the opportunity for communities to apply for $102 million in capacity building and implementation activities, called the Community Transformation Grants. This work, led by CDC, expands the federal investment in prevention in states and communities across the US, and is supported by the Affordable Care Act’s Prevention and Public Health Fund.The Community Transformation Grants will build on decades of CDC experience in community health promotion, including the work of the 50 communities involved with Communities Putting Prevention to Work and the work of REACH US and Healthy Communities grantees. In addition to smoke-free living, and active living and healthy eating, these new grants will also focus on high-impact quality clinical and other preventive services (specifically prevention and control of high blood pressure and high cholesterol), social and emotional wellness, and healthy and safe physical environments.In addition to these core areas of focus, communities will have the opportunity to identify other strategies relevant to their community’s unique needs and can address additional topic areas including adolescent health; arthritis and osteoporosis; cancer; diabetes; disabilities and secondary conditions; educational and community-based services; environmental health; HIV; injury and violence prevention; maternal, infant, and child health; mental health and mental disorders; health of older adults; oral health; and sexually transmitted diseases, as related to the overall goals of the program.

Through a competitive selection process, up to 75 communities will soon be expanding their work on disease prevention and health promotion for both youth and adults.

Please join us at 1pm EST on Friday, May 13th for a stakeholder call announcing this opportunity.

Phone number: 888-946-3818<tel:888-946-3818>

Participant Passcode: 1513943Applications are due in July. For more information about the application process, including details of technical assistance calls for eligible applicants, please visit:

For the full announcement and application, check out their website.

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