Debut of NYC Marathon team for LGBT wellness

Director, Network for LGBT Health Equity
The NYC Marathon is one of the largest in the world.
A project of The Fenway Institute

Team LGBT Solvitur Ambulado is off and walking!

We talk about health nonstop, tell people how to do it, tell people how to include LGBT people, blah, blah, blah but what are we doing about health personally? So, aside from my standards (being a vegetarian, doing most of my travel with my folding bike, etc.) I’ve decided to team up with my partner and create a charity team to walk the NYC marathon!

Why walk? While running is great exercise, running 26 miles only appeals to a small group of people (who like losing toenails). We’re more interested in helping inspire regular folk to exercise. Now walking, that doesn’t require any special equipment, clothing or a gym membership. It’s also free and can be done by most everyone regardless of how fit you are now. Plus, as we started to go on long walks, we really loved how as a side benefit, we started to solve some of our life problems as we walked.

So, may I introduce the debut of the newest charity team for the NYC marathon, LGBT Solvitur Ambulando.

Solvitur Ambulando?

It’s a latin term that means “It is solved by walking.” (Odd fact, it also seems to be the motto of the Royal Air Force Escaping Society. Who apparently also want escaping to be easy enough for anyone to try.)

Wanna walk or run with us? Apply by Thursday, May 12, 2011.

The team only has two members so far, myself and my partner, Liz Margolies, the Director of the National LGBT Cancer Network. So first order of business is to add a few more team members. Wanna walk with us? If you can commit to raising at least $2,500 then send us a paragraph saying why you’d like to walk in the NYC Marathon with team LGBT Solvitur Ambulando. The NYC Marathon is actually crazily hard to get into, even though a whopping 45,000 people are expected to finish this year, there’s a big waiting list for these precious entry slots. And, ok, ok, if you insist, we will consider a few runners. Email us your paragraph at, put NYC Marathon in the title please. Oh and be sure to mention if you’re a part of any underrepresented minority group, no need to hide that.

Wanna support us?

Please please support our new team by donating even just a little to give us a push along on our journey. Of course they’ve got one of those big fundraising sites they let us jump on, so go to our team page and donate here.

Wanna make us really happy?

Then just take the plunge, even for as little as 5 min a day, get off that hiney and go for your walk. It’s more important to make it regular than to make it long. Once it’s habit, I bet like us you’ll see that it’s easy to go a just a little longer, and woah, next thing you know, you’re in decent shape. Exercise, let’s make it part of our lives, not some special spandex-clad event.

What will we do with the funds?

We want to use the money raised to help promote everyday exercise among LGBT people, we’re batting around the how’s of it right now, and we’re open to suggestions, especially smart ones, so feel free to leave your comments here!

Published by Dr. Scout

Vegetarian biking small town transgender father of 3 feisty teens in real life, Director of Network for LGBT Health Equity in pro life.

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