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Jetting to… Pennsylvania (Department of Health’s Disparities/Cultural Competency Conference)

Gustavo Torrez, Program Manager

Hello From Boston Logan Airport, (as of lately my new home)!

I am on my way to Harrisburg PA, for the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Disparities/Cultural Competency Conference.

As I have mentioned before a major goal of the Network is to assist states in closing disparity gaps in LGBT tobacco control.

We have crafted an amazing LGBT Cultural Competency Training that will leave participants with a stronger understanding of the LGBT community, and how to best address LGBT health Disparities.

The PA conference is designed to look at priority populations to eliminate disparities in tobacco control and they have a great line up of speakers (Me being one of them).

Other speakers include:

LaTanish Wright with our sister program The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network. Her presentation will focus on Tobacco Industry Tactics targeted at the African American Communities.

Caprice Taylor Mendez, presenting on behalf of another sister program, The National Latino Tobacco Control Network. She will be presenting on Tobacco use in the Latino Populations.

And many others…

PA is utilizing three of the six National Network for this conference. The national networks are here for your utilization! We offer great resources, and can assist you in closing disparity gaps in your community.

Click the link below to learn more about all of the networks.

Over all, I have said this before as well…

Training your frontline staff is a great way to ensure your programs, organizations, and services are accessible & welcoming to LGBTs. Having the training offered at conferences and summits is another way you can help train individuals to be more welcoming to the LGBT communities.

The Objectives of the training are to:

  1. Help participants learn how to reach LGBT people through community access points and structures
  2. Gain a better understanding on ways to ensure their agency is accessible to the LGBT community
  3. Establish individualized goals to reach and serve more LGBT people, with Network resources to assist them

If you are interested in bringing us out to your state call us: 617.927.6451

ALSO, our very own Emilia Dunham will be reporting From the Trans Health Summit in San Francisco starting Friday, which will be a great read.

Until next time,


Program Manager

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