It’s A New Day

Gustavo Torrez, Network Manager

by Gustavo Torrez

Reporting on the CPPW Conference in Atlanta

Hello Hello Hello, Today is a great day here in Atlanta. I am not talking about the weather, because it’s a little gloomy, but rather the essence of change that is in the room at the annual Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) Training. When over 1200 people come together for the common goal of advancing the health and wellbeing of our communities its magical. The song “it’s a New Day” by Will I am comes to mind today as I hear of states and local programs struggles with the crises in their states. This song is a reflection of a long awaited change, and Will I Am wrote this song as with the inauguration of Barack Obama in mind.

So, as I sit hear and listed to this song, I think about the work we all do, and the challenges we face day to day striving to better our communities. I think about the roadblocks, the restrictions, the limitations, the struggle, the lack of funds, and the uncertainty of tomorrow! Still, I smile because I know “It’s a New Day”.

United we are here together, we are not alone in our day to day efforts and there is national force working to change our communities for our children and future generations to come.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to share this song with those of you who may not be familiar, and to rejuvenate those who need a little uplifting. Stand Strong, we all know that times are hard and with funding decreasing at a rapid rate, now more than ever we need to unite and collaborate across borders. Remembering that we have each other. We are not alone, know that a new day is around the corner and it will truly be  “A New Day”.


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