Network Staff Spotlight

The Network would like to take a moment and highlight our Fabulous Program Associate, Emilia Dunham.

Emilia Dunham, Network Program Associate

On Friday, March 18th, Campus Progress released their List-Down: 15 Inspiring Young Female Activist with our very own Emilia Dunham making the list.

With March being women’s history month, Campus Progress wanted to take a moment and recognize amazing women who are inspiring work today, rather than great leaders in the past. While there have been some amazing women who have truly shaped our history, I really liked their approach in recognizing the women of the future!

With this recent news we wanted to take an opportunity to showcase Emilia and all of her amazing accomplishments.

As you know Emilia has been working with the Network for the past year, but before she came onboard she had been shaping the future for herself and her community years. Before joining the Network Emilia worked as an intern performing quality control on multi-site clinical HIV prevention trials at Fenway Health our parent organization. Additionally she is the chair of Youth Kicks!, a social marketing campaign of the National Youth Advocacy Coalition focused on LGBTQ youth tobacco control. She is also the Policy Committee Co-Chair for the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition.

One of her biggest accomplishments took place as an undergraduate student at Northeastern University, where she spearheaded a successful Gender Neutral Housing campaign. After a few years of advocating, collaboration, and protocol development, Emilia along with other worked with the administration to pilot Gender Neutral Housing in 2009, which continues to thrive today.

Additionally, while at Northeastern University, she served as President of the LGBTQ student group NU Pride where she planned LGBTQ focused activities such as Pride Week, Day of Silence, AIDS Week and numerous other events.  Last April, she presented a paper on Feminism and Transgender Activism at the New England Sociological Association Annual Conference.

She’s also been involved with a number of other jobs and activities in areas of social justice, women’s health and LGBT equality and will continue to amaze us all.

If you would like to join me in congratulating Emilia on this amazing accomplishment, click here to send her an email directly.

Click here to view the article: Inspiring generations, Emilia Dunham listed as one of 15 Inspiring Young Female Activist.

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