Special Report from the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Jane McElroy, Network guest blogger

by guest blogger Jane McElroy

Unusual balmy weather in Toronto greeted attendees for the SRNT  (Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco) conference held this past week (Weds-Sat).

A handful of posters presented data focusing on the LGB(T) population and one seminar on HIV and tobacco use (4 presentations) reflected our light presence at this conference.  Although there was a health disparity seminar, the 5 presentations were about African Americans/Blacks, low income  and  Native American’s struggles with tobacco dependency.

Oral presentations included a wide variety of topics ranging from brain imaging and receptor studies to discussions on cue reactivity, quitline data, marketing, policy, and efficacy of cessation treatments, particularly the big 3: NRT, Varenicline, and Bupropion.  Sometimes these topics focused on a disparity group but often data reflected the general population.

Populations under study, besides the generic smoker,  included hard core smokers, light smokers, mentally ill, disparity groups (low income, Black, Native American, HIV-positive), and adolescents.

The Tobacco-Related Health Disparity Network (TRHD), one of six networks within SRNT, had a 7:30 breakfast meeting to cheer in the newofficers and introduce the network to all.  So many people got up early to attend this meeting that all tables were filled. A row of chairs was brought in for those arriving a little before the start time so they could eat their breakfast on their laps.  Attendees were equally divided among long standing members, first-time attendees to this committee, and first time attendees to SRNT.  The three standing committee–evaluation, scholarship and programs (Gary Humfleet, chair)–were soliciting members.

Check out the poster for this presentation here: Poster SRNT v7

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