CC11 Action Alert: Help Increase Services for HIV-positive older adults

Sasha Kaufmann, Blogging Scholar with the Network for LGBT Health Equity

by Sasha Kaufmann

Guest Blogger, reporting on Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011

Did you know that by 2013, half of the people living with HIV in the United States will be over 50? Between social isolation, stigma, and the normal effects of growing older on the body, without the right support aging for LGBT and/or HIV-positive individuals can be a harrowing experience.

I learned today that there is an opportunity to change that! The reauthorization of the older americans act is supposed to occur this year. The law funds community planning and social services for over 30,000 service providers nationally. Programs such as buddy systems, meal programs, and home care are included. Listing HIV-positive and LGBT older adults as vulnerable populations will increase funding and attention to the crucial services needed to give seniors in our communities a better life. There is also an opportunity to modify the definition of family caregiver in this reauthorization as well, allowing for the proper compensation and recognition for taking care of partners and loved ones.

Want to put in your two cents? Then submit a comment to the Administration on Aging and urge them to include LGBT and HIV-positive older adults as vulnerable populations!

Solidarity and Snuggles,


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