Megan Lee
Blogger Scholar, reporting from Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011

As a “blogger scholar” at this conference, I have been charged with blogging about the sessions I’ve attended in order to share information with those not at the conference or those not in the particular sessions I’ve attended. But my time in Minneapolis hasn’t been all learning and note-taking. Far from it. And in that spirit, as the 2011 Creating Change Conference begins to wind down, I’d like to give a few shout-outs to some other rockin’ things I’ve gotten to expeirence in this great city.

Hell’s Kitchen. Delicious steak and eggs, homemade peanut butter, and decor to envy. Also a wonderful venue for Soul Friday and Drrty Queers providing a space for queer women of color and their allies and excellent dance space.

Soul Friday. A dance party by and for women of color and their allies. The fact that there isn’t any space to stretch your arms is a testament to how awesome this dance party is.

Dirty Queers. Dirty, kinky, queer, sexuality and art show featuring all your favorite sex toys from whips to baked goods. Genderific performances followed by a ridiculous dance party. Hott.

During a break between sessions, sitting at the Cyber Cafe, I struck up conversation with Mary and Margaret, two ab-fab dykes over 60 who are doing major work to collect the oral histories of older lesbians. Their project is called The Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project and it involves gathering life stories, archiving them at Smith College, and re-presenting women’s stories back to them in a book. Margaret’s even written a book about it.

My conversation reminded me of something I too often forget: we have to talk to our elders. In the queer community, there are myriad reasons causing disconnect between generations, but we have to work to rebuild this bridge lest we lose our rich history. When our stories aren’t written down, aren’t spoken, aren’t shared, aren’t celebrated, they are lost. Talking to Mary and Margaret reminded me that sometimes the best learning doesn’t come from anything more than a quick chat over coffee. I hope we keep in touch.

And now, it’s time for God-des and She. Look for one more post from me and then it’s back to CoMo!

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