by Dean Andersen

Guest Blogger, reporting from Creating Change, Minneapolis 2011

In the last session I attended we discussed obstacles and opportunities when promoting healthier LGBT communities.  We had an interesting discussion about folks who are raised being told they are worth something, verse folks being raised raised being told they are worthless!  Research shows that folks who are raised being told they are worthless have a much higher tendency to make bad choices!  Humm.. go figure!  So maybe an important part of promoting health is promoting positive self-esteem.    Developing a positive self-esteem is not particularly easy if you come from a home where your sense of self-worth has been under attack for the majority of your life.   How can our community help validate folks struggling to overcome the negative effects of persecution at the hands of their own family, church, schools, etc.?

I’m interested in learning what campaigns others have done to validate LGBT youth.  Especially if these campaigns have been orchestrated across the community, and challenged existing status quo.   If you have information about such campaigns, please post a comment and include information where I and others can learn more about the campaign.   Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

Published by DanishBiker

I'm concerned about health disparaties in the LGBT community. I think a key to improving LGBT health is by empowering our community to believe they deserve to be just as healthy as mainstream society with just as many resources available to them.

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